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Hello The Knight!

It is very nice to able to have an interview with you. Thank your for agreeing to answer our questions. Let's start!

TK: No problem. I’ve always enjoyed to give the fans outside of Germany information about Knights and Merchants.
It’s pity, that I can’t offer my website in English, hence non-german speaking people have problem to understand me and the projects I tell about.
... ah yes, and my English is terrible. :D So you should „patch“ the text, before you make it public. [Krom: I did it]

1. Tell us about yourself, how old are you, what do you do in real life?

My real name is Attila (yes, like the Hun) and next to my webmaster job I am an computer scientist. I work for a firm, which supports pharamcies by their daily IT problems. 90% women :D

2. Do you have a hobby, if yes - what is it?

Only some. My favorite is tinkering or tuning my Volkswagen Rabbit MKIV. I also like to play adventure games, watch movies or make pubs unsafe. :D

3. How did you get to know KaM for the first time, what was your first impression?

I was 15 years old, in beginning of 1999. I got KaM from a friend, illegal game copy. I've played it few times… and I would say from first second I was in love. I played the game next 2-3 years again and again. I think it was much better than the other settler strategy games.

4. How much of your free time do you spend on KaM (playing and maintaining your site)?

I would say only maintaining today, bug fixing and caring. 5-10 years ago I did a lot, many updates for my websites, making websites was one of my hobbies. Today I have other interests. I'm playing TPR very rare, because TPR is too old and full of bugs.
I wait for remake. So I play beta versions of it and help to find bugs and make it better. I think the remake is special! It’s the thing, that can make TPR as the perfect game, it never was. ;D

5. How and when you had an idea to make your own KaM site?

When I got internet. I see, what a friend have done and I also wanted to do it. One year later I see, what beatiful fanpages was done by fans, so I start a real big one. The result you can see 10 years later, stil alive, stil uptodate, stil colorful and no end in sight. ;) I am very proud about my work!

6. What do you do to keep your site interesting? Where do you take topics for news articles?

Complicated to explain. From first day I show engagement. I talked to firms, write emails, search the internet for KaM infos, files, etc. Many, many from all of it. So you get good (and sometimes bad) contact to different people. So I get from time to time pretty stuff like KaM 2 Screenshots, developer interviews etc.
I have solved every riddle of KaM. There is no more lost information about game. I also get a picture from the building, where Joymania developed KaM in 1997.

7. What do you think about on-line gaming? Did you ever held a KaM tournament on your site?

I like it. Didi you ever played The Settlers Online? Building town in browser? Next to hundreds of other fans? It’s great! Makes really fun (also at work :D).

8. What do you think about KaM map and script editors and other KaM editing tools?

This isn’t intresting for me. I nevery have created one map, but like to play fan made maps.
I took part in developing some tools, years ago. Beta testing and handling. Im testing TPR remake.

9. Tell us about The Barbarian, how did it come he didn't finished his map editor?

Aaaah The Barbarian. I remember! This guy write a little email to me before Christmas. He ask me „How do I think about hacking KaM files?“. He talked with me over 2 years about editing, coding, hacking and much more about KaM. We have done a lot together for community. Finally we go own ways and I never see him. (But i think, time to time he still looks on my site ;)

10. What do you think about actual KAM projects, each of them (Remake, TKE, On-line, others)?

There are many little projcets, which I no study. I spend all my time for remake, because I will play KaM in future, like I have done it as teenager. It’s intresting to see, how the game will be better and better. Kroms Remake is now in a status, which is much better than TPR v1.6! This ist he most important project now!

11. What is your opinion about adding trading into KaM?

I know many games, which uses trading. I think realization is difficult. In KaM you build a little village in no-mans-land. No place for mobile traders. All you need will be produce by yourself.
... it’s a nice feature for KaM 2. ;)

12. Have you visited our site (kamclub.ru)? What was your impression?

Yes one time ago. It’s great. Every big language need such a website. Good community work!

13. What would you suggest to add and/or change on our site, as a fellow admin?

Really? Nothing! J Every webmaster have his own idea to make his website more interesting. I don’t want to make it „broken“.
... and I don’t understand any russian word.

14. Do you know any more KaM secrets?

Hehe, so I have said: there’s no more secrets, no riddle nor anything unsolved. Or do you know something?

15. Would you like to say anything to our readers?

Yes. Don’t drive drunk and use every time a handkerchief if your nose is clogged.

Thanks for your time, we appreciate it!

Thanks from my site! ;)
It was a nice interview, i think.
Good luсk for your website!

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